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#Handmademama – the global exchange of roles


Young moms are astonishing; they manage to do absolutely everything: kids rearing, housekeeping and looking good the same time. And recently, to their list of obligations a new point – of “doing business” has been added. And perhaps the word “business” in this case is not very appropriate; nevertheless, moms-in- maternity leave nowadays are earning real money. Which means they use and for which purposes they do it – everything has been exposed in today’s Popsop research.

According history male has been getter and hunter since old times, while female has been a housewife. Such tendency has been adopted and maintained by ancestors from age to age – man is occupied by political affairs and earnings issues, while woman is responsible for cosiness.

But modern young mothers change stereotypes and everywhere in social networks on women’s pages online-shops can be found, where knitted production, garment, and décor – are sold. The feature is all goods are handmade and kindly sold. For the most cases it is not difficult to guess who the owner is. 90% are young moms in maternity leave. Popsop has studied some of them and has figured out what the handmade work is for them.

Janet Parker is the mother of 4 kids, kid’s garment online shop owner “Tutty-Butty”. Her age is 34. Place of living – Sweden.


“Some people consider if you are mother-in-maternity leave, your duties are only dishwashing, nappies clothing and taking care of kids. Indeed, it is true, but it doesn’t mean that you must abandon your talents and abilities! My kids are almost peers and I have been in maternity leave for a long time, that’s why handmade work for me is kind of self-realization. Besides, I am rearing the fourth child, I know well which things of which material and quality are preferred by moms, and eventually I was learned to sew in my childhood by granny.”

Tennesy Stein – is the mother of a single baby (Daughter Jane), owner of exclusive bouquets’ shop “Lovely”. Her age is 25. Place of living – Argentina, South America.


“All members of our family are engaged in flowers cultivation. My mom and my granny are florists. Our home looks like a huge garden. And nothing distracts me from my favorite floristic during my maternity leave. First of all it is profitable, secondly it is interesting and thirdly it’s our family business.”

Bonita Assas – is the mother of two children (Terry and Adam), owner of a tailor shop and clothes designer. Her age is 28. Place of living Malaga, Spain.


“Before I became mother, I was working as designer in glossy magazine. It’s not necessary to say that I have well-developed sense of taste. I couldn’t abandon my favorite work. I merely changed my work activity and now I gain plenty money for my tailor’s services. It is very convenient because I take orders, when I have spare time, when my precious sons give me that.”

Jane Lamasko is the mother of three kids and handmade toys online shop owner. She is 35 and she lives in Wien, Austria.


“Probably it sounds weird, but without my hobby I and my family can hardly live in prosperity. Husband earns quite well, but it’s not sufficient for three kids. My dolls it is not only the way of distraction from housekeeping, but good earnings. I have got plenty of clients already, and a lot of orders, sources of income have been arranged well. But when I was getting started business, my family was broke.”

So there we have to note, it doesn’t matter what would be the hobby for young mothers – activity for the soul, family business or mere the way to escape from routine life, women are concerned of welfare and trying to earn money for family. However, such duties used to rest on men’s shoulders. It is a good occasion for discussion on topic how prompt priorities and social roles are changed in modern world.