Virtual governments: the pursuit of a perfect life


Every person is the part of the society, which follows certain laws and rules. There are some individuals who have passed the process of socialization and live calm and quiet life; however there are some discontented but they keep silence, and eventually there are people who take crucial steps. In today’s Posop research has been considered the most global manner of the perfect life search, using as example the greatest characters of history and present times.

Sometimes it happens that trend appears and instantly taken by public. It often occurs in sphere of fashion. But sometimes to become popular long terms are required for brand. So to say: “What was in fashion long ago will be in fashion again”

The same has happened this time. It commenced in 1966, when British retired major Paddy Roy Bates established his own country called Sealand in abandoned after World War 2 military base, located in North Sea nearby England cost. He proclaimed himself as monarch (prince), his wife as princess and his family as ruling dynasty. The territory of the government is not larger than football field, however there are own constitution, coat of arms, flag and even website.

The purpose of establishing is: Roy Bates is not merely major-pensioner but the DJ of underground radiostation. And instantly, being tired of struggle with British government for his illegal activity, he founded Sealand in order to continue his work.

Floating castle still exists, and now it is the subject of active discussions in social networks (#Sealand – 11600 hashtags). Mostly, there are skeptic comments and sneering motivators.


American millionaire of Lithuanian origin has attempted the similar thing. On coral islands southern Fiji Island in 1972 he built artificial island on sand heap, consequently proclaimed it as Minerva country. However in difference from Sealand, this Island was conquered and untied with Tonga country.

The purpose of establishing: It is supposed to be that the country would be based on libertarian principles with no taxes, grants, subsidies and other types of economical interventionism. And main source of income would be fishing, tourism, foreign ship enrollment and light industry.


Then it had got calm down and only in 2001 virtual governments begun to appear again around Antarctic lands. Nowadays there are more than 10 virtual countries; one of them is Westarcrics, discovered by Travis McHenry.

The purpose of establishing is: developing of the new autonomic society.

Response of modern users – the skeptical smiles do not disappear from their lips.


And eventually, so many years had passed when Jeremy Hithon proclaimed that he is the ruler of inexistent North Sudan country which situated on board between Egypt and Sudan (Africa) with area nearly 1280 square kilometers. Exactly at this place Hithon placed the flag on 7th birthday of his daughter – the crown and four stars on blue background. Inhabitants of surrounding area call this place Bir – Tavil.

The purpose of establishing: to fulfill the dream of his young daughter of being princess.

There are no sneers; violent audience comments this action very angry.


Despite growth of displeasure among public, caused by such activity, in June, 2016 German painter, Peter Kees established a new country Arcadia restricted by one square meter of intentionally conquered area nearby Praga, on the fringe of Bratonice village. By the way, Arcadia is not a sole piece of land. Man has appropriated similar pieces in Poland, Finland, Italy, Austria, Switzerland. Kees has proclaimed himself the ambassador of independent government with residency in Berlin.

Purposes: “I wanted to create the place where happy persons could live in harmony with nature, outside of routine life. In ancient Greece Arcadia was the symbol of ideal world. To say briefly, I am not satisfied with modern world and I am aspiring to the better life.” Besides, according to painter, he wishes he could spread his government throughout the world and build a perfect society.


How public will respond on the last similar event is not difficult. We have to conclude that all this people, who wanted to build a wonderland are united by the same things – dissatisfaction with surrounding reality and desire to create own society with its own laws different from valid. It is somewhat resembles Utopia; after all a perfect life in the ideal society is just theory, which, according to scientists, can’t be achieved in reality.