A scaring trend: eyeball tattoo


It becomes slightly creepy when remembering popular horror films in which the characters often appeared not only with a make-up but also with scaring eyes completely painted in one color, black or white in most cases. But this does not terrify the modern users but on the contrary keeps them on the edge of their seat. Today the tattoo on the eyeball is a new unusual trend.

For those not in the know the term “eyeball tattoo” means an administration of the ink into the outermost layer of the eye. It is made in the same way as an ordinary tattoo but instead of skin the pigment is administered into the white.


In an online environment the trend is called #eyeball tattoo. By the way, the use of anaesthetic is not provided. So, only people with a high pain threshold and stable nervous system can be on the edge of doing this.



In fact, the first similar administration was made in 19th century. At that time people believed that this procedure can improve the patient’s eyesight. Nowadays the first human who made such a tattoo is Rodrigo Fernando dos Santos from Brazil.

By the way, Rodrigo is a professional tattoo artist and is covered with patterns and pictures head-to-toe. After there had not been place on the body for new ones there was nothing for it but to tattoo his eyes. According to Rodrigo, after the procedure he had been crying not with tears but with ink for two days.


Nevertheless, Rodrigo’s experience didn’t frighten but interested an audience. Bright and saturated colors, such as yellow, blue, red and black, are much sought after. As is argued by him, the only master who makes such tattoos correctly and safely is Luna Cobra from Australia. However, he is concerned that not nearly all people who want to have colored eyes turn to the monopolist. Many of them try to color the eyes themselves but the end can be very sad.

Besides, the saying “The cobbler’s children have no shoes” refers to Cobra very well because the master does not intend to color his eyes though he has several tattoos on his body.


In 90% of cases the answer on the question why do people take a decision to do this is very simple. They just wanted to change their eye colors. But medically this procedure is not safe at all, moreover, you will never be able to make away with the color pigment. So, before making such an abrupt move reasoned by the weird fashion craze you should think thoroughly.