13th star sign or NASA changes the world


Neither of messages on the educative portal NASA Space Place caused such a stormy reaction as the scientists’ claim of this month did. They presented a scientific theory about changes which were undergone by the zodiac during three thousand years since it was made. This caused a great stir among the public which will be observed in our Popsop research.

Well-known zodiacal band was composed by the Ancient Babylon astronomers in the first millennium BC. During this time the place of the Earth axis as well as the starry arch chart have dramatically changed. Moreover, long ago it was noticed that Babylonians divided the zodiac into 12 starry hosts because of the use of calendar consisting of 12 months based on the moon phases. But this is not correct because the ecliptic (the circle of coelosphere) also goes through the 13th starry host Serpentarius which is situated between Scorpio and Sagittarius. This means that it’s about time to make changes.


Ancient astronomers knew about the new starry host but then the discrepancy was considered as not very significant. The time has gone and there was a talk of the necessity of its integration into the zodiac in 1970s, then in 1995. However, it came to specific actions only now. Concerning this star sign, according to NASA the sun goes through the starry host Serpentarius between November 29 and December 18. The starry host is designated by the Latin letter U crossed with undulating line.


All the above-mentioned metamorphoses caused a stormy reaction of people who believe in horoscopes. Then, all the terms have moved after inclusion of dates of the 13th sign into the habitual schedule. It means that those who were Aquariuses could definitely become Capricorns.


Those who unexpectedly became Serpentariuses had especially sharp reaction on the NASA’s claim. 90% of reaction is negative because these changes endanger the habitual thoughts that “an extensive impetuosity is peculiar only to Scorpios, and it is exactly about me”. Sceptics mock that if the horoscope sign has changed unlucky people will have to rethink their lives.


Anyway logical arguments are present among others.


The scientists console the people: nothing serious has happened, star signs didn’t influence and won’t influence on the events happening with people. In fact, astronomy and astrology are absolutely different things. In order to elucidate the situation NASA gives explanations that when the Earth, the Sun and a starry host are on the one imaginary line astrologists think that “the Sun is situated in a particular starry host”. In the times when the science didn’t exist astronomers tried to find regularity and associated different signs in the starry sky with an imaginary position of the Earth and the Sun. Then every sign were assigned with some characteristics so that the notorious zodiac appeared.

Despite the tales and according to the official information the scientists’ claim was made but the zodiac calendar wasn’t changed. But it is impossible to stop social media users…