Life Once Removed: in support of lonely women


A stereotyped thinking accompanies us everywhere, even in a sequence of life occurrences. For instance, it is considered that a woman should marry, build a career and have a baby before a particular age (it is different in every country). Those who lingered to do this will definitely be in for a stigmatization. Suzanne Heinz has found an unusual way to overcome such stereotypes.

Suzanne Heinz is an art-director per job, a photographer by birth and a lady who has been living with two mannequins for 14 years for real.


Before the two plastic dolls – a husband and a daughter – became ingrained in her life Suzanne was often disturbed by the questions about marriage, children and other details of her life. The public had an attitude to her like her life lags from the common “schedule” and she is flawed in some way. Curious to relate, the most part of worries was outlasted by her mother who 15 years ago told her: “There are no perfect people and if you are going to marry just choose somebody”. Suzanne replied to this: “Mom, it’s like to go out and buy some family”.

At that evening in one of the shops the lady bought two mannequins – she named one of them a husband Chonsi and the other one – a daughter. After the buy-out she went off on a journey with a newfound plastic family. So, an unusual Suzanne’s Life Once Removed photo project has begun. With the help of it the woman tried to make a parody on a typical American family. During the trip Suzanne took photos with her plastic husband and daughter against the background of European sights. Their “family” photos have smiles, entertainment, unstudied poses, in short, all the attributes of a typical happy weekend. Similar cheerful photos you could see on postcards and in sitcoms in the middle of the last century.


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When posting these cut and dried photos Suzanne asks a question to the social media users: is a real family life so different from a fantasy world? Everything is the same, she says. When people see a camera in front of them, they also smile and arrogantly pose like mannequins. That’s why there is an expected question: We live our lives worrying about good appearance or getting a real pleasure?

So, the project Life Once Removed shows the world sunk in stereotypes that an unmarried woman can be happy enough and nobody should live according to the society and prejudices. And even if an adult successful woman plays with dolls – only she has a right to decide what life she will have.


By the way, as for a real Suzanne’s private life, there is nothing the matter. In her social media accounts she says that she had many boyfriends but there were no one who she wanted to marry. And the fully-fledged wedding with her titled husband Chonsi will be very soon to bring joy to the fans of Suzanne’s activity. In the nearest future she plans to arrange a magnificent celebration of wedding which will have everything needed: a ceremony, dress, set-out, guests. And all of this will be included into the Life Once Removed photo project.