5 surprising inventions of beauticians


The world of aesthetics constantly changes. The scientists statedly report about an appearance of new elixirs of life calling in question everything invented шт the past. You will find a selection of the most recent and unusual discoveries in the field of beauty and health in our research.

Anti-wrinkle snake venom

Italian researchers from Padova, through numerous studies have found that the venom of a rattlesnake smooths wrinkles due to its paralytic effect. The result is the same as after the injection of Botox, but without the prick. The formula of the product is already patented, and it will be released in the form of a cream.


Marsh-mallow for the skin youth

As we know, molecules of collagen are too big to pass into the human organism through skin covering. Marsh-mallow with collagen is an unexpected beauticians’ invention offering to take the active material by mouth. Every box of marsh-mallows contains about 300 ml collagen peptides. Such a sweetie literally fills the body with collagen which guarantees skin elasticity and youth.


Cookies for breast augmentation

Not long ago Japan presented on the cosmetic market cookies which promise a breast augmentation after eating of it. Wonderful sweets contain Pueraria Mirifica herb growing in the east of Myanmar and Thailand. Its roots contain hormones stimulating female breast development (by the way, it was proved as far back as 1952). By way of side-effects cookies increase sprightliness and appetite.


Exerciser for facebuilding

An unusual mask by Slendertone is created for those who’d like to keep the face young and are too lazy to make facebuilding exercises. The device at the cost of 300 euro will carry small electrical discharge through facial muscles that will tone up the muscles. Facial contours will be lifted and the tissues will be renewed internally.



A Japanese smartphone Hada Memori is an innovative “pocket beautician” of the future. It can control the state of your health, skin covering in particular. It is enough to put a special card to the face and the smartphone will make a diagnosis through the special small window. The special app will comment on the necessary beauty products and even send to a doctor if necessary.