How did the poster in a ladies’ room become a part of global conspiracy?


There are a lot of global problems in the world and one of the most vexed and persistent is abuse. An effective method was invented in one of the bars in Lincolnshire (England) not knowing how this event will affect not only Englishmen but also the whole world opinion and even marketing field.

Lincolnshire County Council (England) came up with a clever and quite tactful way to combat sexual abuse and cruelty. In the ladies’ room of one of the entertainment facilities staff have placed a poster that advises everyone who felt the danger in a meeting or a date in this cafe to go to the bar and ASK FOR “ANGELA”. Having heard this passphrase, the staff of the bar will hereby be alerted to the fact that the visitor needs help. Then the staff quietly and without fuss will order you a taxi and show out of the facility.

Here is the ingenious poster.

ask-for-angela-hed-2016 (1)

Photo of the poster was published on Twitter a few months ago and has gained about 30,000 reposts and a lot of enthusiastic comments of the British and people from other countries and cities, who admired the ingenuity of the Lincolnshire inhabitants and demanded similar initiatives in their place of residence.



Usually a fear paralyzes people in such situations, and they are afraid to ask for help openly. Therefore, the main feature of this propaganda campaign was precisely cautious hidden aid from the bar staff to the needy.

Member of Lincolnshire County Council and the strategic co-ordinator of the project Hayley Child reported that the poster “Ask Angela” is only a part of large-scale propaganda campaign #NoMore, which is aimed at cultural changes in regard to sexual abuse and violence in society. Also, the campaign aims to empower victims of violence, as well as increase the number of decisions not to be afraid and to inform about the incident the proper authorities. According to Hayley Child, combating abuse and cruelty is the national question and the world must deal with it, adopting effective methods of combating of others.

In her Twitter Hayley Child says that the campaign reached its goal of becoming a viral idea of combating abuse and cruelty.


The only problem and the so-called disadvantage of a propaganda campaign is that the hashtag #NoMore quickly got lost in all of Instagram in a quite short period of time because of an abundance of publications with the same mark but on other topics. But in Twitter there was a real boom.


By the way, the police, local authorities, universities, schools and many other institutions have supported the campaign. Therefore, its continuation is expected in February 2017 in order to coincide with the national week of fight against sexual abuse and cruelty.