How will eco-books make you rich?


Usually, all books are made of trees – forest resources, which are being dramatically reduced on the planet every year. FCB Buenos Aires and children’s publisher Pequeno Editor created a Tree Book Tree changing this process in reverse. Then, reading the literature we do not take away a piece of nature, but return what we took from it.

The program of eco-book creation, involves the use of acid-free paper, Jacaranda seeds and ecological ink in the manufacturing process. At the same time books are quite robust and are made entirely by hand.

The main feature of the Tree Book Tree is that after reading it can be planted in the ground! And one day, a real tree will sprout of it. By the way, this is the first book in the world that allows you to do that.


Tree Book Tree is a story called “My Father Was in the Jungle”. By the way, originally the story was published in the usual format. The publication is recommended for reading by children from 8 to 12 years. The main goal pursued by the publishers is to tell the younger generation, where the books are from and how to make this process reversible. The motto of the campaign to produce eco-books of the publishing house Pequeno Editor is: “Children and trees can grow together”. It is a unique way for today’s children to learn how they can refill natural resources by themselves. Moreover, given the growing paperless state of our planet, this will teach them that the physical book is much better and more enjoyable than an e-book, and one that is read on the network.

By the way, in order to prove the fact that you can really grow a tree from Tree Book Tree, several samples which are placed in the ground and are in plain view of everybody, adorn the windows of some shops in Argentina. Pequeno Editor shows this in its promotional video.

Another unusual book called Drinkable book is alongside with the Tree Book Tree. It is a charity project of the DDB Company, which is a not only great guide on sanitation and hygiene, but also a means for the purification of contaminated water. All this is because of the fact that the pages of the publication are covered with microscopic silver particles, and when the water passes through them, harmful bacteria such as E. coli, cholera, typhoid fever pass into nothingness. And the resulting liquid becomes suitable for drinking.


The author and the inventor of this type of paper is a chemist Theresa Dankovich. She argues that the paper filter costs bugger all for manufacturing, but even a single book can provide a person with quality drinking water for up to four years.

Thus, Tree Book Tree and Drinkable book are surprisingly creative and quite practical approaches to the solving of important environmental problems, which will open a new chapter in the creation of not only useful, but also amazing discoveries.