How can you thin down with the help of a bottle and joga?


They say that the beer is certainly harmful for the body, and it also adds extra weight. Yogis found an unusual use of a refreshing drink bottle, which helps to lose weight, make another asana and just get pleasure from the process.

BeerYoga is a new trend in which two, as it seems, completely incompatible concepts – yoga and beer are intertwined. The joy of holding in the hand a bottle of the favourite refreshment, while making the next yoga pose – that’s a simple and quite interesting prerogative of the “beer yoga”. It turns out that the bottle itself as a subject is included into all asanas (postures in yoga), so the risk to drop and break a drink adds drive, creates the best stimulus and some discipline, to people performing exercises.


In Germany BeerYoga is not the first experience of the new direction in practice, but the German experience managed to capture the vast populace, turning the local tendency into the mainstream, and even a trend.

Now BeerYoga slowly but surely walks over the world and appears in different teaching studios. Sometimes lessons are carried out even in wineries, and people drink cold drinks after the practice. But mostly the BeerYoga theory assumes that every trainee has the bottle directly during the lesson. Usually a session lasts for about an hour, during this time one or two bottles go to a person.


All this may sound like a joke, or even an oddity, but the trend supporters consider the philosophy of BeerYoga quite serious, comparing the yoga principles and the pleasure of drinking a soft drink, which allows, in their opinion, to reach a higher level of consciousness.


Nowadays BeerYoga lessons, in addition to Germany, are held in Sydney (Australia) and across America on a massive scale. But do not worry; most likely you will not have to travel around the world to take part in these actions. The trend extends and gains popularity with tremendous force, therefore, according to the trend supporters forecasts it soon will cover the entire planet.