How Christmas once saved the world

Miracles happen, the main thing is to believe it. And not the wizards, but ordinary people do these miracles. The story of how lucky British woman got unexpected gifts from a mysterious stranger has become the most discussed on the network at the Christmas week.

The situation began quite banally. A young lady Zara Chaudhuri went to buy gifts for friends and relatives in one of the shopping centres. In a skin care store she took four items of goods, but at the checkout it turned out that her card was declined.

In her account of social network Zara tells: I waited 10 minutes try again but it declined again, so I told the woman behind the till to leave the staff behind the till whilst I go to cash machine, so that I could come back and pay.

However, when Zara came back, she found out that her goods had already been in the bag at the checkout. On the question surprised she was told that another, unknown woman had paid for the buying and left for her at the checkout. Inside the package there was a check with a note: “I know how stressful this time of year can be. Have a great Christmas! Bethany xxx”


Zara told this story on their Facebook page and posted it on the shopping centre account. The post has got more than 30 thousand likes, 11 thousand reposts and more than a thousand comments.

By the way, good deeds are made for Christmas not only by strangers, but also by close friends. However, this is not always perceived as positive. For example, in 2015, 28-year-old mother of three children Emma Tapping from the Isle of Man was criticized in social networks. The British woman presented her every child 87 gifts, having filled up the Christmas tree to the top.


The young woman was criticized because she pampered her children on holiday very much. In reply to such statements Emma increased the limit of her kindness each year: in 2016 every child got 97 Christmas gifts, and it will be even more of them in 2017.


In comments to one of her posts Emma responded to a question about why she spends a lot of money for gifts to her children, “I’m not rich. I spent about £ 1,500 on everything; I do not have a credit card. You can give your children 2 gifts, and they will still behave abominably. My children know what is good and what is bad. They appreciate everything that they get. I do not spoil them during the year”.


This year, many people have already supported Emma, after the young mother has posted pictures of the Christmas tree strewn with gifts again. In comments in the Instagram, written a few days ago, you can find such phrases: “I won’t lie; I’d really like to be your baby” or “Well done! Haters made you famous, keep doing what you’re doing for your family! ”

Thus, it is difficult to say whether Christmas kindness should have limits. But the fact that it saves the world by its magic existence over and over again is obvious!