How will Jason wedding rings save your marriage from adultery?


JASON OF BEVERLY HILLS is one of the most famous diamond guys of Hollywood stars who developed new wedding rings for men which cut a wide swath in social networks and enthusiastic reviews of women. Indeed, every without exception woman wants to see precisely this ring on the finger of her husband!

Just 10 years ago, only his friends and acquaintances knew about such a jeweller as Jason Arasheben. Now, you need to have at least 100 000 dollars to get to him for ordering jewellery.


Now the list of clients of Jason Arasheben has such world-famous star names like Rihanna, P.Diddy, LeBron James, Mariah Carey, Justin Bieber and many others. Having founded jewellery house under the label Jason of Beverly Hills in 2002, the master conquered the customers not only with his impeccable style but also with the quality of custom made jewellery.

This breakthrough became possible thanks to the inimitable charisma of the master and the application of the latest developments in technology, which are skilfully used by the jeweller in his wares.

The new 2017 was marked by the release of a new wedding brand; its originality conquered all the females, following the news on social networks. Now the jewellery store windows are decorated with unusual thick wedding rings for men. Their main feature is that the word Married is engraved on the inner side of the ring. Thus, even when a man removes the ring, imprinted word Married remains on the finger for some time.


Of course, this is not a tattoo, which will “mark” man’s finger forever. However, women believe that a new type of men’s wedding rings can save many marriages and protect the families from the adultery, and will lead changeable sort of men to failure who remove the ring at the sight of young beautiful ladies.

But it is believed that the one, who wants to be unfaithful, will find a way in any case.


Some people are doubtful of usability of the innovation, as well as its practicality. Others believe it is simply a waste of money, and if you want imprint such an inscription on a finger of your man it will be cheaper just to make a tattoo.



The theme of the new wedding brand caused a stormy stir in social networks. More than 3,000 publications with the hashtag #jasonofbeverlyhills in Instagram within a week. By the way, the idea of a man’s wedding ring is not the first among the great works of Jason Arasheben.

For instance, it was he who first offered to use laser technologies to scan the face of the future product owner. This thought came to the jeweller when he worked on rings of NBA basketball league Champions – Lakers team. The master took a piece of the leather ball of the final playoff game and put it in each ring so that every player had something as a memento of that day.


This championship prize was made of gold and decorated with diamonds of 16 carats in total. In addition, each ring is individual, because it contains three-dimensional image of the member of the team to which it is intended.


Now Jason Arasheben is 36, and he continues his victorious career. The list of famous jeweller’s customers as well as the number of boutiques is being increased. He carved out his niche in the jewellery business, and even managed to create a new wedding brand, which will inspire the newlyweds in the new 2017.