Jameson Empire Awards 2010: «Done in 60 seconds»

This October Irish Whisky brand Jameson, owned by Pernod Ricard, and the world’s leading magazine about cinematograph Empire UK are to launch one of the most ambitious online project of the year — «Done in 60 seconds».

Amateurs of the cinema and young talants are offered to produce their own 60-sec remakes of a famouse film and submit them to www.jameson-empire-awards.ru. There are only 3 requirements: the spot must be a remake of a famous well-known film, duration — no more than 60 seconds, it mustn’t contain any indecencies.


The celebrity jury of the Russian competition, headed by the Empire’s editor Mark Dinning, will choose 5 best works during pre-party, which will take place in Moscow in December 2009.

The winners of the national competition will go to London in March 2010 to take part in an international contest «Done in 60 seconds», where only 1 finalist from Russia will be defined. He will havу an opportunity to visit Jameson Empire Awards Ceremony and get the prize personaly from Steven Spielberg.

The partnership between Jameson whisky and Empire magazine started in 2009, when the brand became an award-winning sponsor of the ceremony and gave the name to the competition.

Jameson Empire Awards is an anual competition, traditionally taking place in London. The distinctive feature of the contest is that the reader’s of Empire magazine define the winner. Every year in March the Ceremony of Jameson Empire Awards takes place, being famous for its democratic spirit and unpredictability.

Many world class celebrities concider it their obligation to visit the Ceremony of Jameson Empire Awards and the after-party. This year the event will be visited by Russell Crowe, Viggo Mortensen, James McAvoy, Bond’s ‘girls’ Gemma Arterton and Olga Kurilenko, Cillian Murphy and many others.

For more information on www.jameson-empire-awards.ru.