Pepsi Max’s Mo-Mento Maker Encourages to Grow a Moustache

November has come, and so Pepsi Max, the first diet Cola for Men, starts its usual Movember contest, which is held every year during one month sharp. The participants must be ready to start clean shaved on November 1 and for 30 days grow their mustache, making a short documentary about the process by uploading new pictures of their face every day.


Naturally, the contest is arranged for men, so it will help raise money for prostate cancer research. Every day the contestants will make pictures of their growing mustache with a webcam or a digital camera, upload it with a help of the Mo-Mento application and in 30 days they will have a cute video to share with friends! To get really inspired, the visitors of the Facebook page can watch a short movie, which has been shot as a nice guide of how to make exciting moustache creations. Smells like the 60-ies and 70-ies, doesn’t it?