Twitter Leaves No Room for Global Brands

Big global brands are saying that there is no space on Twitter left for them. Most logins with loud names are already taken by unknown users for promoting unrelated themes, and so these brands have to register using their world-known names plus words like “news” or “info” or just the first letters. Twitter doesn’t seem eager to fix the problem fast.


Surprisingly few brands have ownership of the Twitter pages under their usual names, and the social network has shown no real interest in protecting brand names, though it is saying that the company is trying to improve the situation. General Motors, General Electric, Diageo, Coty, Comcast, Eli Lilly, Kellogg Co., MasterCard, Nestle and Walt Disney came to Twitter when their names were already in somebody’s hands.

Twitter is actually trying to help the big brands retrieve their names, but provided the amount of requests the process runs slowly. The fight for getting the logins back would be not worth the effort, but a free medium is an essential part of the advertizing platform in current times of squeezed budgets, and as Twitter now has 20 million users, the network is ideal for launching ad campaigns and posting important news. The brands just can’t give up, and Twitter will figure out how to make money on this desire. via