Barbie Gets Dressed by Comme Des Garçons

Barbie, the iconic doll for many generations, has ‘played’ a lot various characters and tried on a bunch of outfits in the span of her five-decade life. Now that the doll got her tiny-tiny feet wrapped in shoes made by Christian Louboutin, it is time to make the dress. Rei Kawakubo, the founder of Comme des Garçons, was commissioned with the task.


The Japanese designer, who developed capsule collection for H&M last year and is now engaged in developing a new line of bags dedicated to The Beatles, has made a Jingle Flowers collection featuring photo-style floral graphic. The cut of the dress is a bit asymmetric, and it has a full skirt and no sleeves. The floral design will be also applied in branded limited-edition items, including T-shirts, perfume, wallets, and even snow globes.


The new limited edition has been included to the Barbie Collector Platinum Label Collection. It was sold out last week in Tokyo, but it can be still purchased in London’s Dover Street Market. The retail price is set on the mark of $368 (in pounds, of course).