Facebook Prints Its Gifts

Facebook values its top advertising clients and never forgets to prepare a holiday gift for them. Usually the social network gives money to donate to the charity of the client’s choice, and gives something tactile in addidion. This year the heads of Facebook commissioned great Facebook illustrator Ben Barry and the website’s creative team to make an art poster.


The result is just stunning: they came out with a 19 × 19-inch-square poster, printed, embossed and foiled with a gorgeous and light design. To underline the donation aspect of the present, which is put in a cardboard tube,  the poster goes with a silkscreened, wooden token, featuring a unique code for redeeming the donation. The flower-like token is held in its place at the end of the tube with the help of its ‘petals’.


The creative group has also designed two different Thank You holiday cards, says the ForPrintOnly website.