Mini Milka Went on Tour

This Septemper Kraft Foods Rus, the Russian division of the global food producer, launched the new format of well-known chocolate brand Milka — mini bars of 38 g. In order to promote the new product on the market the special promotional campaign ‘Mini Milka Tour’ was launched in the biggest Russian cities  — Moscow and St.Petersburg.

It was handled by the Russian agency EMG, specializing in marketing communictions and BTL campaigns. The activities took place just on the streets till 27 November in Moscow and from 29 November till 12 December in St. Petersburg.

The main idea was to attract attention of the passing-by people by the brightly Mini Coopers colored in Milka’s famous lilac brand color with the white ‘cow spots’. The campaign was held by specifically dressed girls who offered to try a little «chocolate Piece of Alps».

Milka offers more: you can not only taste the new mini bar, you can even make photos in a branded Milka’s car and then download them on a promotional website created by Ogilvy Interactive.