Nescafé vs. Starbucks: A Lot of Hype or A Lot of Flavour?

Nestlé’s Nescafé is greatly worried about the current situation in their coffee sector of the market, which was caused by Starbucks’s launching its VIA instant coffee varieties. It the 90-ies the brewing coffee-chain won over Nescafé, but now it is following its main rival’s steps and nearly copying its image. The new policy of the green-label brand has risen righteous indignation of the old instant coffee maker, and it launched a website to show consumers the difference.


At people can see an iconic red mug of coffee put towards a white cup with a round green logo, which has no brand names or images, but is still very recognizable. “A lot of hype or A lot of flavour. Taste for yourself” is a tagline of the pushing and somewhat aggressive campaign.

The users can count how much they spend on coffee of other brands (including Starbucks’s VIA), find out that they always overpay and learn that only with Nescafé they will save, because this coffee always costs less and has more aroma. The brand is even sending free samples of its varieties to those who want to make sure that its coffee is really worth drinking.


There is also a bunch of other promotional materials like posters and a very convincing video about why Nescafé is good and S-coffee is bad, where they tell that professionals are always better than amateurs. In a very clear way using simple comparison they tell that they are experts and Starbucks is a newbie that wants too much for its instant line products as for the start.