Nike Is Turning (RED)

The Nike (RED) campaign was launched yesterday, December 1, in 13 countries around the world. Like Starbucks, another global brand, the sportswear maker joined the movements dedicated to fighting AIDS in Africa. All the revenues gathered from selling red football laces, with each pair costing $4.00, will be donated to the Global Fund.


Famous footballers including Ivory Coast and Chelsea striker Didier Drogba and U2 singer Bono are now involved at promoting the campaign. The laces will be available at stores and on-line at The range of product will not be limited only to the laces: in a few months the producer is going to launch additional (RED) sportswear items.


The profits will be split equally between The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, which support AIDS medical programs for African people, who live with HIV.