Pepsi Is More Social than Sportive

PepsiCo is going to leave less room for Pepsi in Super Bowl XLIV on CBS, which is scheduled for February 7. The company believes that the active promotion of the flagship brand at the event will not fit into its other social-oriented campaign “Pepsi Refresh Project”.


The company changes this drink with other brands, including Gatorade and Doritos, which are keeping in tune with the sport contests. It doesn’t mean that the producer doesn’t want to invest in Pepsi, it just means that the maker drives it to another niche. PepsiCo is planning to invest $20 million to promote the campaign further. It is stated that the 30-second spot for $2.5-3 (the sum set by CBS) won’t help with strengthening this social image.

PepsiCo has been already present at Super Bowl with various products over the previous years. In 2009 the company was the major advertiser in the game with 5 min and 30 sec of the whole ad time. This was just enough to promote all of its major brands, including Pepsi.