AXE Detailer Cleans Your Balls

AXE, the Unilever’s male bodycare brand, is well-known for its provocative campaigns, which are balancing on the edge of decency and always step into the risky zone with its below-the-belt humour. This time the brand doesn’t change the style and wants the men’s equipment to be always clean and smell nice. The new campaign seems to be a totally new level of commercials with sex innuendos.


The brand has launched a set including a sponge and a shower gel, and launched a video where a girl, introduced as an ex-tennis phenom Monica Blake, shows how to keep all kind of balls of any age and size squeaky clean with the help of the AXE detailer — you can find the sport below the text. If you are impressed with how easy it is to take care after the balls, you can try and win the detailer in the sweepstake.

To participate in the sweepstakes, visit where you can find the “Cleans Your Balls” tab. After filling in all the required fields, you submit the form and wait until you are selected. The winner is determined each day starting January 19 through March 12, 2010. There will be 38 entry periods and drawings.