Axe: web 2.0. seduction

The Axe brand has launched a new campaign in the Russian Internet aimed at young men who are not brave enough to ask girls for a phone number. With Axe they can feel completely free to come up to any lady and get her attention. The interactive project is located here, at, where the consumers can find profile of 5 stunning young women and start a sweet conversation with any of them.


If the visitor enters his phone number, the lady calls him and ask to guess what she studies or where she works. If the answer is right, the girl congratulates the guy and goes on talking. Of course, it is not a real girl — they use a special program with a recorded voice.


The visitor can also order an alarm call — the “girl” dials his phone number in the morning and wakes him up. He also can get a ringtone or a photo with the brand’s logo, and “ask” the girl to call his fellow-friend, address him by name and askl him guess what her occupation is (the algorithm is just like it is above).


Moreover, the visitors can find a number of related articles with tips on what to do to pick up any girl around. Then they can take a quiz and participate in the photo contest “Do girls give you their phone number?” The campaign was developed by Russian digital agency Grape and adapted to the mobile platform by 3G Digital