Coca-Cola Presents Its ‘Facebook’ Vitaminwater

Coca-Cola encouraged Facebookers to take part in creating a new addition to the Glaceau Vitaminwater portfolio. The flavour, components and the bottle design of the new drink, Connect, were chosen by Facebook users, who participated in the promotional campaign on the social network website. The new drink now has a tasty black cherry-lime flavour made with caffeine and 8 key nutricients.

The new product will be launched the US market in March. It is visually related to Facebook, has the dark blue and white logo of the network and the text, telling how the drink was created and who was engaged in its coming real.

The company launched a few contests on Vitaminwater’s Facebook site, where the brand’s fans could vote for the best taste in the “flavour creator lab” starting from September. The promotional activities are not closed: now you still have a chance to win a prize for creating the best remix of 50 Cent’s song «Baby by Me» at Witaminwater sound lab. The winner will fly to New York to meet the star.

The company also presented a low-budget YouTube ad video featuring Steve Nash, a brand ambassador for Vitaminwater in the US, which turned to be really good despite little money spent on making it.