Grolsch UK Launched ‘Gosch! Taste Amplified’ Campaign

Grolsch is continuing its digital campaigns to attract more new customers and please the loyal beer-drinkers. The brand is introducing the large-scale Gosch! Taste Amplified project to deliver the audience the enthralling activities with the help of its digital agency Blonde. The campaign involves introducing new interactive banners on Lonely Planet, Resident Advisor and Time Out websites, and additions to the Grolsh’s online environment on its website.


Lonely Planet and Time Out were both really open to innovation, so we’ve created banners that integrate with the content when you click them. It’s based around a competition format, so when you click, buttons are shown across the site that allow you to build your own dream trip. You can print it as an itinerary and share – but also then submit to win it as well,” said Pete Burns, Managing Director of Blonde Digital.


The banner created for Resident Advisor, the magazine covering news on dance & electronic music, is providing the visitor with a great opportunity to mix together up to 42 samples of relevant music and feel what it’s like to be DJs.

David Griffiths, UK Brand Director for Grolsch is sure that online marketing is one of the key components of the brand’s communications strategy. “It’s the perfect channel to get people really engaged with the brand. We’ve been recruiting people on a local basis, putting names into a database by running promotions and online ads. You can also become a Grolsch Insider via the website – which to date has resulted in 2 million registrations and an opt- in of 50%. That’s a core group of people that are actively interested in the things that we do,” he noted.


In addition to the banners, the brand launched an updated site, which has a lot of activities, the into on the brewery, bike competition, the codebreaker and the “coincidence” story. The last one is described at Blonde’s site: “The film features a conversation between two strangers in a Grolsch bar. They discuss the concept of coincidence and the notion that you know who is going to be on the phone before you answer. At the end one of the strangers sends a text, which is simultaneously and “coincidentally” received on the mobile phone of the person viewing the film”.

The recent updates of the site are really helpful for enhancing the brand’s image and providing the consumers a deep insight into the life of Grolsch’s personality.