Nivea: Kisses for Charity and Prizes

The global cosmetics producer Nivea wants people kiss and win. The brand launched the Nivea XOXO Chain campaign, encouraging American people to share the most intimate feelings with each other, kiss, upload the photo or video testimony of this ritual and help raise money for the charity.


To tae part in the sweepstake you should capture your XO with a cellphone camera, video recorder or a webcam, enter the personal information and wait for you to be selected. The kissing movement finishes on February 15. For every uploaded picture or spot one dollar will be donated to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America volunteer organization. The campaign is called “Nivea XOXO Chain”, because after the submission is closed, the company will link all of the videos together and make a virtual XOXO chain.

The potential grand prize winner will be randomly selected during the drawing to be held on or about February 22, 2010 from all eligible entries. The Grand prize is really huge: $4,850 in cash. So, public kissing is really awarded. Try it for yourself.