Reebok’s Chooses Indie Films as Its Product Placement Platform

Global brands are tending to support rather popular projects than indie ones, but there can be exceptions. Reebok has offered its financial support to the “Crooked Arrows” sports movie, produced by J. Todd HarrisJeepers Creepers«), Mitchell PeckPriest«) and Adam LeffValentino: The Last Emperor«). The film, which goes into production this spring, will be focused on the world of lacrosse, a team sport of Native American origin.


The company is going to use the movie as a platform for its upcoming 9K product line of lacrosse equipment and apparel, along with its 10K lacrosse sticks. The movie will be shown in at least 250 theatres in 2011, so the movie-goers are sure to notice the Reebok’s presence on the screen.

AdAge says that the “Crooked Arrows» movie will also provide a deep insight on Native-American culture, which actually created the game. The casting will be performed by Rene Haynes, who most recently choose the Native-American werewolves for «Twilight» saga («New Moon» and «Eclipse» films).