Sony Japan Recycle Project: Old Ads Turned into Jeans

Now billboards are staring to be everything but old and conventional panels with printed posters. Sony and Hakuhodo Kettle group decided to use walls of the Sony Building in Tokyo for the Recycle Project Jeans campaign. Huge posters from advertising the latest products and promotions of the electronic brand were used to manufacture the jeans.


The ads turned into trendy trousers were placed on the wall, and anyone could buy them from the building façade. The men, wearing the mountain climbing equipment, were delivering the jeans models to people around who wanted to purchase the pieces. The price for each of the 120 trousers sold on September 24th, 2009, was not that big, just Y15,000 ($170) each.


Sony made the campaign green not only by recycling the old billboards, but also by donating the proceeds from selling the jeans and media covering ($400,000) to restoring world landmarks.