IKEA Changes Kitchens in 60 Seconds

The makeover shows always attract audience. Is it the same with adverts of the kind? Definitely, yes. IKEA is launching a campaign called «Ikea Kitchen Squad» about house renovation and yesterday aired the first 60-sec advert at British Channel 4. In the 45-second online teaser the unit of interior experts update the kitchen with the help of IKEA furniture. The project was developed by ad agency Beattie McGuinness Bungay.


The “squad” completely changes the kitchen by removing the old pieces of furniture, destroying them and bringing in much more functional and appealing new ones, while the owners of the house are out. Of course, the renovation takes a bit longer than a minute, but 60 seconds is just enough to show the essence of the idea. Under the campaign the retailer will change kitchens of two families. The commercials are supporting the launch of Ikea’s new kitchen website thekitchen.ikea.co.uk, where consumers can find a lot of tips, pictures and inspirational articles on the theme.

«It’s the first reality home makeover commercial. The following events are real. Five professionals in a special undercover kitchen unit. Their purpose – to end the pain caused by wrong kitchens. They are prepared to do anything. Ten past eight, Wednesday on Channel 4. There will be tears», says the voiceover in the advert.

Here is the teaser .

And this is the Kitchen Squad YouTube channel, where you can find the spots.