Peugeot’s Alchemy: History of the Auto World

Peugeot, one of the leading global auto brands, has created a breathtaking TV-spot, featuring its new logo. The campaign is built on the basis of models and logos that created the image of the brand and made it universally respected and recognized. By combining universes, mixing ideas and blending technologies, the company is creating a new vehicle for the new people.


The 60-second hilarious spot is rendering a simple, but great idea of the brand’s approach to crafting new additions to its line — innovation, engineering and expertise are the core of manufacturing Peugeot’s autos that always keep to high standards of technology. In the video the huge garage looks like a laboratory of an alchemist, who is trying to get the philosopher’s stone and ends up with a perfect Peugeot’s auto.


The spot was created by the Parisian agency BETC Euro RSCG and directed by Michael Gracey — the creators of  Evian Rollerbabies and T-Mobile Dance.