(RED) Kisses and (RED) Valentine Gifts by Converse, Dell, Nike, Hallmark, Starbucks and Others on Facebook

The (RED) campaign aimed at raising awareness about fighting AIDS in Africa is growing bigger with new holiday additions on Facebook. Now you can kiss your lover, friends or relatives with (RED) lips. It’s not just a picture of a kiss, you hear all the romantic sounds, which can be heard when you give someone a smack. Then, you go and buy (RED) presents.


After kissing the ones you love, choose a present for the, from the list below. There are lots of items from global and local brands, which turned (RED) and invite you to share happiness. The (RED) editions of Converse shoes, Hallmark cards, Dell design laptops and Starbucks cards and Nike shoelaces are happy to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day and get into the campaign.