Pernod Absinthe Announced Winners of Its Art Contest

On March 1, Pernod Ricard has announced the winners of its art contest featuring Pernod Aux Plantes d’Absinthe Superieure brand. The grand prize reflects the year when Pernod Fils was founded, 1805. The creator of the work, which took the first place, is to receive $1805, and the three runner-ups are to be awarded with $500 and $250 (two artists) correspondingly.


The winners of the Creator Of Art contest are: 1st Place — Dan Sabau («1805 Absinthe Masquerade» — painting — $1805); 2nd Place — Christian Matzke («The Absinthe Minded Professor» — video — $500); 3rd Place — Dana Boutin («Fish Out of Water» — illustration — $250); 3rd Place — Bret Herholz (“Kiss the Green Fairy» — illustration $250). Works by other entrants can be viewed on the brand’s Facebook fan-page.


Christian Matzke of Brunswick, Maine, who created the “The Absinthe Minded professor” says: “This short is a whimsical exaggeration of the way a glass of absinthe can transport one backwards in time on a wave of nostalgia. I had my first glass of absinthe in Berlin in 2003, and have been an enthusiast ever since. What fan of the Green Fairy wouldn’t love the idea of traveling by time machine to the year of Pernod Fils’ founding? I am the creator of the time machine used in the short film. Given that Jules Verne’s fantastic stories were written at the same time absinthe was enjoying its heyday, it seemed appropriate to make the time machine in the same style as his creations.