Deli2go’s Packaging Directs Shoppers to the Brand

Deli2go is ready to go. Shell, one of the UK’s biggest purveyors of sandwiches, is rolling out a fresh food and drink brand, Deli2go, designed by Blue Marlin.

Shell is determined to offer motorists top quality ingredients, generous portions and fresh, flavoursome food and drink. Deli2go covers all chiller cabinet food as well as hot drinks and Shell’s own label range of juices and smoothies. Blue Marlin, which started work on the project in November 2008, has created every aspect of the brand in partnership with Shell, from naming and brand architecture to packaging and retail environment.

The Deli2go identity is based on a series of arrows that direct shoppers to the brand and help them to navigate the wide range of products on offer. The arrow device, which appears in a variety of appetising colours, is cleverly applied throughout packaging, from stickers on fresh fruit to nutritional information on sandwiches.

Blue Marlin global creative director Martin Grimer comments:  «Deli2go is designed to place Shell at the forefront of contemporary food retailers. The design is dynamic, directional, appetising and brilliantly adaptable so it looks just as delicious on a poster as on a sandwich pack. It makes the whole environment a sunnier, more scrumptious place to be. It is a very satisfying project that we have seen through from conception to tasty delivery. Now it’s go, go, go,» he concludes.