HUGO Create Round 14: Black, White & Red

HUGO Fragrances invites creative people from around the world to participate in the 14th round of HUGO Create. The brief is simple: participants are free to choose the idea, theme and techniques for their visuals; however, the entries should reveal a contrast of black & white, whilst adding a splash of color with the vibrant HUGO red.

The iconic HUGO Man bottle shape should be leveraged to inspire your creativity. The 10 round winners receive $500 and global recognition. Deadline: April 30, 2010.

HUGO Fragrances takes traditional design competitions a step further and offers upcoming talent a global platform, HUGO Create. The aim of the contest is to give designers, illustrators and photographers the chance to show the world their talent by the creation of a stunning tribute to the iconic HUGO Man bottle.

The contest is open to people of all skill levels: professionals, students and design enthusiasts alike. It all comes down to strong ideas, pure skills and lots of creativity.

Today, the HUGO web gallery includes over 35,000 visuals by 15,000 participants from across 108 different countries in a broad range of styles and techniques. In 2008, a book featuring the top 100 designs from the first rounds was published. In Autumn 2009, HUGO Fragrances launched the «HUGO Create Limited Edition» collector’s pack with artwork of winner Marvin Pedro and turned downtown Manhattan into a spectacular outdoor gallery.

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