McDonald’s: ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ 2.0

McDonald’s is going on with its 7-year-old «I’m Lovin’ It» campaign, which has been much more successful and running longer than its predecessors «You deserve a break today,» and «Food, Folks and Fun,» and adds more life to it. According to CMO Mary Dillon, the new approach is “more authentic, more saturated in consumer insights and emotion, and within «a framework that gives us a consistent point of view about our brand

As AdAge reports, the campaign will be not starting completely fresh, as it is still working just perfectly. Still, the fast-food giant has charged the company’s biggest agency partners to make it even better by addressing to consumers in a funny and emotional way. The list of the agencies which are commissioned with this task are Omnicom’s DDB Worldwide, TBWA and OMD, Publicis Groupe’s Leo Burnett Worldwide, Publicis, Brazil’s Taterka and independent Cossette in Canada.

As for now the company has launched several spots, which start the new round. Leo Burnett’s ad for the U.S. market features a father bear that is taking his cub son to taste McDonald’s food as a reward for getting all A’s for exams. The huge animal scares away people from their car, and the bears eat McDonald’s French fries, found in the auto. The father shakes the car to get the last fry from the inside of the car and says, «There’s always an extra fry at the bottom

The second spot features a man, who can’t stop his car because he doesn’t want to wake up his baby sleeping inside. So he is driving around the McDonald’s venue and takes the order without applying the breakers. In the third spot children from all round the world are singing a simple dong about McDonald’s food.