Grolsch Keeps The Netherlands Cool

This summer, Grolsch features the “Cool*Hotline”, sending refreshing sudsy aid to those that need it. The campaign, the “Cool*Season” has a motorized scooter with a refrigerated sidecar travelling the countryside in the Netherlands allowing callers to the hotline to trade other brands of beer for a chilled can from Grolsch.

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The motorcycle journey kicked off the hot season in Enschede and on to Utrecht, Deventer, Apeldoorn and Amsterdam. Consumers can follow the trek at along with rules and conditions for the exchange of drinks. All domestic and foreign brands are eligible except for privately made ones.

In addition, the company has many other elements to what it calls “Cool*Initiatives.” These include a Cool*Alarm that viewers can download from their site ensuring that access can be had to refreshment at all hours. Also Grolsch Premium Pils will be outfitted with a Cool*Meter, indicating whether the drink is at optimum chilled temperature maximizing the experience by staying blue between 6° to 8°C or less.

«Grolsch is a brand that marches to the beat of its own drum,” stated Jan Nales, Director of Marketing for the company. “It has its own unique taste and a passion for quality, always and everywhere. Consumers should expect a high-quality beer from us. That also means a can of Grolsch that is cold. Last year’s Cool* campaign was enormously successful. This year will have its own grand follow-up. We offer consumers new, unique and reliable solutions to keeping their cans of beer delightfully cold.