We’ve Just Launched Our Brand New Rating Project — Sensei Brand Award

Last couple of months our small team has been working hard on our brand new project, which reflects our thoughts and hearts, which, we believe, can make difference in media world and in people’s minds—Sensei Brand Award 2011.

There are brands who really teach us good things. This idea lies in the core of our corporate philosophy and everything we do, including this award.

At Popsop, we truly believe that global brands are gradually acquiring their special teaching function. Across the brands this function may consist in teaching positive lifestyle, good taste, sports, ecology-smart activities, love for kids, tolerance, social awareness, assertiveness—you name it.

We observe this trend to be more apparent today than ever before. Oftentimes, such “teaching” direction in brands life cycle evolves quite naturally and saliently without prior strategy adjustment or anything.

Apple teaches good taste and encourages traveling. Starbucks featured in many spots and movies broadcasts the idea of busy and successful lifestyle. Coke with their bright red identity is there to make our day, teaching us to smile. Ferrari is all about hard-earned career and resulting riches, while McDonalds has been preaching love for kids…

Needless to say, this brand-teaching function does not only assist in sales increase in a particular company but also change the world, making it a better place for us all. I hope,  it’s time to re-define mission of global brands—and Sensei Brand Award 2011 is supposed to be our first step.