Research Shows Google and Sony Have Best Reputation

According to a recent study, Google and Sony tie for the top spot of the world’s most reputable companies. The research, conducted by Reputation Institute, measured the top companies in the world on which are most liked, trusted, and respected by the public in 24 countries. Disney, BMW, and Daimler round out the top five listed.

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The first part of this project (January 2010) measured reputations of the 600 largest companies in the world in their home countries. Only the highest ranked in the 32 countries surveyed were candidates for the second stage that included ranking global visibility and value for all that above average scores at home. The results gave a final listing of 28 companies that are respected at home and elsewhere around the world.

«Technology has a powerful grip on the global rankings,» stated Dr. Charles Fombrun, Chairman of Reputation Institute.

«Companies like Google, Sony, Apple, Nokia, Intel, and Microsoft have earned our trust and respect because they are all-pervasive solution-providers that affect our daily lives. Disney’s global mind-share as an entertainment provider is remarkable, as is the admiration with which consumers hold auto-makers BMW and Daimler/Mercedes-Benz. They are power-houses of reputation-building around the world.»

Almost all of the organizations were better thought of at home than abroad. Of the 54 companies measured in both parts of the study only five had a better marks outside versus inside their home borders. They are Apple, Ford, Google, Nestle, and Sony.

Sony and Google were consistently respected around the globe though Google did not make it into Asia’s top five.

Here is the lists of top-5 companies in five world regions:

Asia: 1) The Walt Disney Company, 2) Daimler/Mercedes Benz, 3) BMW, 4) Sony, and 5) Singapore Airlines.

Central Europe: 1) Sony, 2) BMW, 3) Google, 4) Volkswagen, and 5) Daimler/Mercedes Benz.

Central & South America: 1) Nestle, 2) Sony, 3) Google, 4) BMW, and 5) Johnson & Johnson.

North America: 1) Johnson & Johnson, 2) Google, 3) Nestle, 4) The Walt Disney Company, and 5) Sony.

Northern Europe: 1) Google, 2) IKEA, 3) Sony, 4) The Walt Disney Company, and 5) Singapore Airlines.

The overall rating list