Volkswagen is Going for a Sunday Drive

Volkswagen turns back the dial of time in their new advertising campaign and asks «What Happened to the Sunday Drive?»

The new campaign “Sunday Drive” for Volkswagen Canada supports the new Golf family including the award-winning Golf GTI and Golf Wagon and plays on the remembrance of a time that the whole family would get in the car and go for a drive on Sunday afternoon.

«The Sunday Drive campaign re-ignites the emotional connection with the Volkswagen Brand,» according to Bruce Rosen, Director, Marketing and Communications for Volkswagen Canada. «The new Golf Family epitomizes all the best characteristics of the Volkswagen Brand, including sleek European styling, proven affordable German engineering, eco-friendly technologies, and that they are really fun to drive. As a result of the new Golf winning 2009 World Car of the Year and the new Golf GTI winning 2010 Canadian Car of the Year, deliveries of the new Golf Family are up 165% so far over last year’s pace. We wanted a marketing campaign that would live up to reputation of these cars and to the Brand, and fuel our continued sales momentum

Sunday Drive was created by Red Urban Toronto and PALM + HAVAS Communications of Montreal. The campaign launches this week and will run throughout the summer. Sunday Drive includes television commercials for the Golf GTI and Golf Wagon, print media advertising, radio spots, and a uniquely interactive Sunday Drive website at There will also be a presence on social networking sites urging users to share their own Sunday drive experiences with each other.