Wrigley’s Orbit Releases ‘Dirty’ Shorts

Wrigley‘s Orbit, the chewing gum brand, has launched the first spot “The Prom Date” from the “Gum Dirty” series developed by Ben Silverman’s IAC-owned studio Electus and DumbDumb, which is owned and run by actors Will Arnett and Jason Bateman. The set of shorts is all about bizarre situations and the way Orbit changes the attitude of people who are in a tight spot.

The first 5-minute video featuring Will Arnett and Jason Bateman is a story, which happened when one girl was getting ready for a prom. The guy, with whom the girl is going to be at the party, turns to be her teacher, and naturally, the parents don’t even want to hear of letting her go with this 40-something man with fake moustaches. Still, when they take Orbit, the situation changes — they start feeling proud of their daughter, who chose this mature guy among teenagers, and mom and dad wish the couple to have real fun during the night. The final phrase of the video is «A good clean feeling no matter what

Bateman commented on the project in his interview to the New York Times. «I’m not a seller; I’m not an advertiser. We don’t claim to do that,» «We’re just looking to make cool pieces of entertainment and just arbitrarily make that subject matter a brand’s message

The odd series can be found at www.youtube.com/orbitdirtyshorts (the next spots to be released this month as well). The Energy BBDO agency «provided creative insight into the campaign development