Levi’s Celebrates Labour with Bandana Bonanza Design Contest

Continuing the massive “Ready to Work” campaign, this summer Levi’s opened doors of its workshop in San Francisco in Mission District (where one of the first Levi’s factories was built more than a hundred years ago) for consumers to be able to take a fresh look at craftsmanship and produce something great with their own hands. Those, who live too far from the destination point, are invited to the online printshop at www.workshops.levi.com to enter the Bandana Bonanza competition and create their exclusive design of a bandana.

The winners will be determined through voting (the last submission period closes on August 22), will receive a limited-edition bandana featuring their designs as well have the honour to contribute to the impressive portfolio of the brand. Levi’s experts are also going to select one champion of three, who will get a set of five rubber stamps to make new patterns at home. The first winner is already picked out—it’s Ben Ramirez, an artist by birth, who created an extravagant design featuring a weird and scary red-head someone (read the interview with the winner here).

The doors of the workshop are open almost every day except for Sunday throughout July and August. During the classes, a team of respected artists and designers are unveiling a plethora of the industry secrets to the aspiring students and help them develop a range of handicrafts from bags to posters. The Levi’s DIY studios to be welcomed in other cities across the country, but the brand is now silent about where and when exactly it will be.