Pearlfisher Designs Food Packaging and Menus for Otarian—the Planet’s First Low-Carbon Restaurant Chain

Pearlfisher has designed the artwork for food packaging and restaurant menus for new chain Otarian, already open in New York and coming to London on August 18. Otarian, a new boutique fast-casual restaurant chain, is changing the face of the London and New York food scenes by becoming the first global chain, which comprehensively reduces carbon footprint of every item on its vegetarian menu to internationally recognized standards.

The new concept places sustainability at its heart, fusing a passion for the environment with a passion for great food to create a mouth watering dining experience that is also good for the planet. With the identity already created, Pearlfisher was tasked with developing a secondary visual language to clearly communicate both the irresistibly tasty vegetarian product and the environmental footprint message without distracting from the food.

Pearlfisher Creative Director Natalie Chung said, “Because we were responsible for conveying two messages, we have deliberately kept the design simple, clean and modern. Bold but recognizably ‘foodie’ colours clearly show the choices available. It’s aspirational but accessible.”

Otarian founder Radhika Oswal is a lifelong vegetarian and committed environmentalist. She said, “Otarian is built on the principles of sustainability and vegetarianism and all aspects of the restaurant menu and operations have been developed with these principles in mind. This makes Otarian different from anything else that exists today and, therefore, we needed a really distinctive visual design. We are delighted with the strong design that Pearlfisher has created for us—it heroes our delicious food while also ensuring that the key environmental messages are communicated clearly.”