Volkswagen Beetle Turned into a Bio-Bug Running on Sewage

Volkswagen Beetle has been converted into a completely innovative and green vehicle by the Wessex Water company in the West Country. This car is running on biogas, which is obtained from human excrements, thus the new auto is completely sustainable. The new upgraded car, named “Bio-Bug,” first appeared in the UK on the streets of Bristol.

The ultimate goal of the project is to demonstrate that we already have some (still, extremely unconventional) fuel, which is now literally wasted, to use as alternative to expensive gasoline. To cover 10,000 miles annually, Bio-Bug needs methane extricated from the sewage of 70 average homes.

Mohammed Saddiq, general manager of GENeco, Wessex Water’s subsidiary, says, «We decided to power a vehicle on the gas offering a sustainable alternative to using fossil fuels which we so heavily rely on in the UK. If you were to drive the car you wouldn’t know it was powered by biogas as it performs just like any conventional car. It is probably the most sustainable car around

According to Reuters, as for now in Sweden there are more than 11,500 autos, using methane from sewage, and over some time, if the Bio-Bug tests prove that these cars have a chance to stand in one line with other sustainable cars, the ‘poop’-lineup will be expanded.

«Waste flushed down the toilets in homes in the city provides power for the Bio-Bug, but it won’t be long before further energy is produced when food waste is recycled at our sewage works. It will mean that both human waste and food waste will be put to good use in a sustainable way that diverts waste from going to landfill,» added Saddiq.