AXE Explores World’s Manliest Rituals

Every culture has its unique traditions of conquering a woman’s heart. AXE teamed up with the Funny or Die website to find it out what helps win ladies in different parts of the world. Two guys, Trey and Julius, embarked on a long global journey to participate  in a number of bizarre challenges, which are dating back to the Middle Ages or even earlier periods. The guys had a really tough time during the tests, and now their adventures are showcased in a series of 3-minute episodes under one title “World’s Manliest Rituals.”

To date, there are three videos uploaded to AXE’s page on YouTube—“Ostrich Strampede,” “Canes of Pain” and “Stones of Doom,” which will be soon followed by new episodes (according to the the map, they made six videos). The ultimate goal of the journey is to melt the hearts of the opposite sex by using ancient and exotic methods, and to show that there’s nothing easier and more effective than so called “Pit-Pit-Chest” ritual (or just spraying AXE all over armpits and chest).

The first spot (“Ostrich Strampede”) sees the key characters in a little Uruguayan village: Trey and Julius are trying to win affection of local beauties by running away from a heard of ostriches down a narrow street, speeding up to be the first ones to cross the finish line (it turns out to be much harder than expected).

In the second video (“Canes of Pain”), the guys are taken to Japan, where Julius has to spend 15 minutes staring at a beautiful naked lady. Seems easy, but there is some pepper as well—the young man must maintain eye contact with the lady, and if he looks at her anywhere else, he gets heavily beaten on his back with long canes.

The “Stones of Doom” spot tells about the guy’s adventures in Scotland: they come to a village again, but now instead of running birds they are to deal with flying rocks: Trey and Julius together with other guys are risking their life while catching rocks, which are thrown from a cliff by pretty girls—the heavier is a rock, the more attractive the man becomes in local women’s eyes.

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