Jim Beam Black Double Aged Bourbon Encourages Customers to Burn Their Past in ‘Beamfire’

As part of its marketing platform «8 years changes everything», Beam Global Spirits & Wine announced  the launch of ‘Beamfire’ sweepstakes — an online competition that allows consumers to celebrate how much they’ve matured along with Jim Beam Black® over the last 8 years — and burn down their past by tossing the items and even the outdated thoughts into a virtual bonfire that burns at www.beamfire.com.

Per each item sent to fire a customer is awarded points, which will be converted into sweepstakes entries. The program was launched on October 15 and is to last for 8 weeks. Each week’s game is a separate Beamfire challenge with its special topics like «My Old Job», «Where I used to Hang Out», «Where I used to Live», and «Things I can’t get rid of». In course of each drawing, 10 branded prizes will be awarded to the participants, 80 prizes in total.

At the final stage of the sweepstakes, players earning the maximum number of points will be entered into Grand Prize drawing and will have a chance to win one of three $8,000 grand prizes.

“We’re challenging our consumers to ditch the memories of the trucker hats they used to wear, the music they used to play, and even the company they used to keep, and celebrate how far they’ve come,” said Rob Mason, US director of bourbons for Beam Global Spirits & Wine.