Jim Beam Black Double Aged Bourbon’s Campaign: “8 Years Changes Everything”

Jim Beam has launched an extensive advertising campaign dubbed “8 Years Changes Everything” to highlight the product’s eight-year aging process. The nationwide marketing push includes the Beamfire Sweepstakes (allowing consumers to throw any used item into a virtual bonfire to celebrate the process of their personality maturing), a range of advertisements, and Jim Beam Black® Double Aged Bourbon’s revamped packaging.

Jim Beam Black has updated its look and now features sleeker, more premium packaging. The new bottle holds this same quality Bourbon but with a more distinguished look. Each bottle also comes with a hang tag featuring its award-winning taste credentials. Jim Beam Black is available in 750 ML (SRP $21.99) and 1 L bottles in retail locations throughout the USA.

Our new Jim Beam Black ‘8 years changes everything’ platform and redesigned packaging reflects the award-winning Bourbon in our new bottles—in part, a result of the extra years spent in the barrel,” said Drew Munro, general manager Bourbons, Beam Global Spirits & Wine. “Much like this delicious Bourbon, Jim Beam Black drinkers have grown up over the course of eight years, and this campaign playfully appeals to those now ready for a more premium option and helps them celebrate how they’ve matured along with our Bourbon.”

A series of “8 years changes everything” advertisements are currently running in print and digital media outlets. These ads illustrate how much can change in eight years and highlight Jim Beam Black’s openness to share its age with the public. “If your palate has developed over the last 8 years, consider this perfect timing,” one of the ads states.