Grolsch and ‘Swingtop Philharmonic Orchestra’ Created a New Adaptation of a Famous Carol

This festive season, beer brands are demonstrating their dedication to classical Christmas songs and creating their own modern versions of festive tunes. Grolsch has recently unveiled its own adaptation of the ‘Oh, Christmas Tree’ (‘O Tannenbaum’) carol—the best known version of which was  written in 1824 by Leipzig-based teacher Ernst Anschütz (the melody is an old folk tune). The beer brand created a video Christmas card, which features the Swingtop Philharmonic Orchestra playing the iconic melody on green bottles.

Led by conductor Thomas Blunt, a troupe of world’s leading musicians—seven percussionists, woodwind players and a timpanist—were playing on classical instruments made from swingtop Grolsch bottles, so the new version is literally created from glass, air and beer. “Dozens of Swingtop bottles provide the score with tuneful pops, clicks, jingle bells, güiro sounds, wind tuned with Grolsch beer, orchestral timpani, bass drum and the sound of a mysterious festive Grolsch ‘glockenspiel’,” says the brand in the description to the spot on YouTube. The most impressive objects of all crafted for this experiment was a huge percussion instrument in the form of a fir-tree made of Grolsch bottles, which was zoomed out in the end of the video.

Two days ago, Popsop wrote about another bold interpretation of classical carols. Guinness released a video featuring an acclaimed British ‘electro folk’ musician James Yuill, who turned ‘Jingle Bells’ into ‘Jingle Pints’ by playing the popular tune using a baton and beer glasses as instruments. Now, the brand is encouraging its fans to visit its YouTube or Facebook page and upload a video response featuring their own performance of ‘Jingle Pints.’