Miller High Life to Become the Official Beer of Average Americans

In the age when big brands spend huge sums of money to get celebrities participating in their ad campaigns, Miller High Life took a different path. The beer producer has turned to goodwill marketing, appealing to the average American and announced itself «the Offical Beer of You».

«It’s a world gone mad when it takes billions of dollars to be the official sponsor of some big-time sports star or celebrity. That’s a ridiculous amount of money to pay to people who don’t need more ridiculous amounts of money. Miller High Life believes in sponsoring those folks out there who really deserve it-YOU. You’re out there every day, doing what you do-unabashedly living the High Life, and we believe you deserve to be rewarded for it,» — the brand states on the official page of the new Sponsorship campaign.

Miller High Life is offering its consumers a sponsorship deal: a consumer may register at Miller’s website and sign a contract of a very ironic contents and get $1 coupon, receive a compensation for it or even donate this money to the US veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan as part of Miller’s philatropic initiative «Give a Veteran a Piece of the High Life».

Members of the program are entitled to receiving a downloadable sponsorship kit including their personalized «Official Beer of [YOUR NAME]» logo and a chance to buy personalized Miller High Life T-shirts, mugs, beer koozies and more.

As for the customers, by signing the contract, they enter into a drawing for a chance to participate in Miller’s TV ad or be featured on the main fan page at Facebook. Participants will have to share their photos and lifestories of how they live the High Life.

The «Official Beer of You» campaign will be supported with display ads, print, television, radio, and point-of-sale ad materials.