Pepsi Max: Escape from the Things You Don’t Like

Pepsi Max is offering new ways to rid of those who don’t let you enjoy a can of your favourite soda. The fizzy drink brand released a series of tongue-in-cheek spots, featuring guys who just want to escape from the imperfect reality (in which they got to do unpleasant things like having dinner with a girl-friend’s parents, shopping with her or having a tough conversation with a boss) and spend some time with buddies.

Nothing is like time spent with your mates, grabbing life by the balls, living fast, living loud, with a smile on your face. But when those less-than-intense situations get in the way, what you need is true mates who have your back, a bold escape plan, and the ‘Maximum Kick’ of Pepsi Max,” says the description to the spot on YouTube. The series of funny adverts, directed by Bart Timmer come as part of the campaign developed by BBDO CLM, Paris. Some people believe that escaping from problems is not the best solution, but Pepsi Max proves it might be an option though.

The style of the three spots, featured now on the YouTube channel, is the same as of the brand’s commercial about a giant asteroid coming down. The spot, launched February 2010, is about a prank as well—there, a guy and his friends make everybody leave the bar where they are sitting by broadcasting the striking video-report from a mock-up news studio. Everybody gets out of the pub, except one girl, who decides to make love with the leading character of the advert as long as now she has nothing to lose. The ASA received 49 complaints that the commercial “condoned deception as a means of obtaining sex” (BrandRepublic), but after a thorough investigation, in July it cleared the brand’s reputation.

Here’s another ‘old’ spot under the same theme.