Puma Helps Rate Preferences with the Life Scoreboard Tool

Puma unveiled a new tool for rating popular things within the After-Hours Athlete campaign launched last summer. The online concept dubbed ‘Life Scoreboard’ enables visitors to the online destination to vote for their favourite answers to various questions ranging from “Which pets are better, cats or dogs?” to “Which computer rules, Mac or PC?”

The new component of the web platform was developed by the Droga5 New York agency and allows to choose one answer and support your opinion on a number of controversial issues with a short message. Users are also invited to create their own scoreboards and share the new or already existing ones with their friends across social media platforms (after signing up, the registration process takes 30 seconds or so). Participants can provide a comment, which supports the option and proves that their clicking on the plus or minus signs was not just a mere accidental selection. The platform can be also accessed through Puma Life Scoreboard iPhone Application.

Still, the system is yet to be improved since a user can choose the same answer multiple times, which is definitely not appropriate for the services of this kind. The developers of Life Scoreboard are working hard to fix all the bugs and make it a really reliable source of public opinion. “Life is more fun when you’re keeping score,” says Puma on the main page of the service. “Keep score of everything and anything, because Life Scoreboard helps you turn life into one big quasi-serious game,” continues it in the description to the digital program on iTunes. You live, You score.