Bloom Designs New Range for Snack a Jacks

PepsiCo is extending the Snack a Jacks range with its most significant launch for the brand in recent years. The new product is rolling out now in Sainsbury’s with other major grocers soon to follow. Bloom, a PepsiCo rostered agency, was appointed without pitch, in 2010 following the agency’s successful re-design of the core Snack a Jacks range in 2008. Bloom worked with the Snack a Jacks team from the early stages to launch, defining the brand relationship, its identity and brand language.

Snack a Jacks Crunchy Curls are delicious curls of tapioca, rice and corn popped in air for the perfect lighter crunch. Available in two flavours, Sweet Chilli Kick and Cheeky Chutney, they are only 88 calories and 7% fat per 22g bag.

The Crunchy Curls pack builds on the core design but injects a more sassy personality to drive the tantalising taste and crunch cues,” says Jill Marshall, Bloom MD. “This was an exciting opportunity to take Snack a Jacks into the afternoon and evening snacking occasions.”

PepsiCo will be supporting the launch of the range with a high impact, integrated marketing campaign that will run throughout 2011.